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the strong reaction to james holmes appearance before a judge. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. >> for the first time the world sees the man accused of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. teresa garcia reports for wjz. james holmes physical appearance disturbs some victims in the court. >> james holmes had brightly died hair and appeared to be daze for his first court appearance. >> you have a right to remain silent. >> the suspected gunman refused to look at the judge while he was read his rights. several times it looked like the 24-year-old was nodding off. >> you're currently being held on a no bond hold. >> prosecutors said they didn't know whether holmes was on medication. >> there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we will -- we're still
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looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> the district attorney said her office will consider pursuing the death penalty and consult with the families of the victims before making that decision. >> if the death penalty is brought, that's a long process that impacts their lives for years. . >> family members of several victims were in court during the hearing. some said they just wanted to see the suspect face to face. >> david sanchez's pregnant daughter escaped without injury. she is due to give birth today. her husband is in critical condition after being shot in the head. >> she needs to have the baby delivered and take care of her husband and everybody needs to pray for them. >> security was tight. police station snipeers on the courthouse roof. holmes is being kept in solitary confinement. >> the spokesperson for holmes family is expected to speak to reporters later today.
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stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. we'll have the latest from victims and police at the other major story we're following, the ncaa issues harsh sanctions against penn state for the jerry sandusky child sex scandal. today's decision erases some of the legacy of famed football coach justice d -- joe paterno. >> joe paterno is no longer the winningest coach in college football history. one day after his campus statute came down the ncaa took aby all his victories from 1998 to 2011. it's part of the sanctions imopposed in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> the 1998 date was selected because that's when the first reported incident of abuse occurred and that's when the failure to respond appropriately began. >> the ncaa also fined penn state $60 million, banned the football team from post season
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play for 4 years and reduced scholarships. current and incoming players are free to transfer and play at other schools. university officials accepted the penalties. many students believe the ncaa went too far. >> i just don't think it's fair that they took abay justice -- away joe paterno's record. >> definitely too much. the people who should be punished are sandusky and those who covered it up, not the players and new coaches. >> the ncaa shopped shorlt ofped -- short of imposing the death penalty. >> suspension of the program would bring unintended harm to many who had nothing to do with this case. >> the ncaa is insisting on a change at penn state and says never again will football be placed ahead of the welfare of children. >> joe paterno's family released a statement saying that the sanctions defame the legacy and con try bulgss y --
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contributions of a great coach. it's your first amendment right to video tape the police. today maryland says it wants law enforcement agencies to educate officers about the public right to record them. the civil liberties group is representing a ownings mills man suing the department. early this month the u.s. justice department asked a federal judge to side with the plaintiff. christopher shorp will have -- sharp will have reactions at 5:00 and 6:00. police make a gruesome discovery. a decomposing body is found inside an apartment. derek valcourt has the latest from city police. >> police say they are not sure exactly what happened. in fact, they aren't certain how long this woman had been dead. >> saturday night just before 7:00 police were called to this apartment building on 29th street isn't the southern area of charles village. inside one of the apartments they found a
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badly decomposing body of a woman. police say it appears she had been dead for at least one week and her corpse was not alone. >> upon entering into the apartment there was an individual who was inside of the apartment with her. she was taken into custody and questioned. at this point no charges will be brought forward. >> the woman's body has been sent for an autopsy and police are waiting for those results to determine her cause of death. >> police say they do know who that woman is, although they are not releasing her name. they can tell us she was 41 years old and the apartment where her body was found was not hers. >> the apartment building where her body was discovered is owned by the baltimore city housing e authority. ed -- housing authority. road closures caused frustrating gridlock for
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thousands of commuters in downtown. the work is expected to take 2 weeks. senator ben cardin is calling on congress for help. he said the ageing water system is a problem facing many states. some heat returns to maryland and it's bringing the humidity with it. here's a live look outside. the sun is out but it's mostly cloudy skies for the day and there's a chance for pop up thunderstorms. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob turk is tracking the weather. >> saturday was a record low of 69. right now the upper 80s. we have some scattered shower activity around. most of it looks like it's to our north or to our southwest. the closest active to the maryland is bad ship across southern pennsylvania. it looks like it's going to hit to your folks in northern sections of hartford county, maybe cecil county in the next couple of hours. there's some showers that may move into northern baltimore and
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hartford county. around the city it's quite now. now, wjz brought watch continues to track rainfall amounts. over the weekend we had quite a bit of rain. some areas are close to normal. our official reporting station at the airport has had a deficit of just under 7 inches, it was up to 9 inches. we made up quite a bit of rainfall. for july we're above normal for a change and that hasn't happened in several months. let's check in on our roads. here is christy breslin. >> things are beginning to slow down on the beltway. on the north side, some slowing there as you you approach hartford county. the west side traffic does slow down upon your approach to security boulevard but it breaks free after that. monroe at franklin, rogers at liberty and also glenns falls at
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dennis son, accidents. 57 miles on the outer loop. let's take a live look. you can see a lot of traffic on the beltway. there's a look at security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by medieval times. the new show, more action, more feast, more fun for the entire family. back over to you. >> thank you . the 2012 presidential race is slowly winding back up. both campaigns pause after friday's mass shooting. in today's campaign 2012 report, edward long reports from california where mitt romney is looking for votes. >> mitt romney sat down with small business owners in california. they're a key part of his focus on jobs. >> if you're employing people and hiring people, i want to see you do better because i want more people having good wages and better benefits. >> romney's back talking about the economy and criticizes the
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president after a mass shooting forced both campaigns to take a break. >> the president needs to spent time with the job's counsel. i guess in the last 6 months he's done 109 fundraisers, he's found time for that. >> this is romney's third trip to origin county since march. he's already raised $12 million in campaign cash. >> sunday president obama visited grieving families in colorado. >> i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. >> the shooting was the focus of have's joe biden's remarks to the first responders in florida today >> they're -- their courage is not lost. >> both camps pulled their negative ads in colorado after the shooting. president obama's will be off the air for the rest of the week. edwards lawrence for cbs news.
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>> stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the candidates and the issues. still ahead on wjz news at 4:00, a government agency investigating safety problems with two vehicles made by chrysler. don't miss consumer watch. >> a rear riot protests after police involved shooting and a police dog escapes from a squad car. >> coming up, black bears roaring back in maryland. that story as eyewitness news continues. >> a mixture of sun and clouds. bob will update our first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 88 degrees and cloudy in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. r and b singer usher is in mourning today.
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his young stepson has died. kyle glove was hospitalized more than 2 weeks ago. the 11-year-old died after being treated for an injury sustained -- a head injury rather sustained in a boating accident earlier this month. the boy's mother was married to usher for 2 years. an angry protest after a police involved shooting in southern california. witnesses clashed with police during a news conference about a shooting the night before. two officers approached three men and they fled. that's when manual did diaz -- manual diaz was shot and killed. a police dog escaped from the squad car during the protest and bit several people. three people were arrested in all that commotion. in the past few months black bears were spotted in baltimore,
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carroll and hartford counties. that might have surprised some but not state biologists who count bears. in 7 years bear numbers have doubled in maryland. >> it takes tranquilizeers and tracking to count black bears. late winter in maryland biologists go into dens housing females and their cubs. >> we're averaging three cubs for cell. that's nearly twice what they get in less fertile parts of the country. >> this year the number is estimated at 782 bears. in other counties there are 100 more bears. >> our expectation is we could slowly grow with the bear population and that's exactly where we are today. >> preserving hasing has been --
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habitat helped bring the bear population back. people in carroll county photographed a male roaming through. >> every year we have bear sitings through out central maryland. when you throw those end counters into large areas, it's more difficult to manage those situations. >> as the number of black bears increase the numbers to be hunted will go up. >> we're going to raise the number of bear hunters eligible for the bear hunt. we're not trying to wipe them out or stunt the bear population. >> female with a blaze on her chest. >> the goal, keep the numbers growing slow enough to give bears and people room. >> biologists gave people in western maryland a lot of credit whose tolerance and knowledge of bear behavior have kept bad end counters to a minimum. app very rough start to the week on wall street. the markets drop with the opening
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bell and they do not recover. the dow is down 101 points. let's go to new york for tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks suffered their biggest loss in a month on concerns europe debt crisis is getting worse and china's economy is slowing down. investors fear spain and italy will ask for a financial bail out and economists believe greece is moving closer to defaulting on its dead. >> crude oil prices are climbing as much as 3% and the your row is at its lowest dollar. if you're travelling to europe your dollar will go further. >> there's signs that a global slow down is hitting u.s. companies that do business over seas. mcdonoughdonald -- mcdonalds getting money from over there.
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>> the tour maker haz bro said sales fell 4%. that's the maker of monopoly and scrabble. for more head to cbs money >> usually people try to avoid them but scientists in california are creating them. jelly fish. the team has teamed up with scientists at harvard. the artificial jelly fish was made through a reverse engineering process using heart cells of rats. it could lead to the reverse engineering of human organs and help save lives. jelly fish out of the heart shells of rats. >> so when people say your dirty rat it's true. >> coming up on wjz eyewitness
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news at 4:00, olympic sponsors, how they're elevatorfecting what speck -- effecting what spectators are wear and eat. >> drew peterson is on trial for murdering his wife. >> some sun, some clouds, don't miss bob's updated first warning weather. >> instant updates and first warning weather all the time click on [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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a live look outside. >> it's normal conditions. >> mug gy and summer like. >> some people said that saturday felt like october. believe it or not, the high saturday was 69 degrees. that was a record minimum high temperature. it was unbelievably cool. that's normal for the first week in october. we have showers to our north, primarily across northern york county along the susquehanna river and they're
4:23 pm
moving off to the east, southeast. lancaster, you're going to get some showers there. extreme northern sections of hartford and cecil may see these. around the city and central maryland there's nothing going on. tomorrow there's another chance of some more thunderstorms. 88 degrees now but the dew point is way up there at 70. humidity at 55%. west, south west winds at 10. out to the west, 74 oakland, 90 elkin and 82 by ocean city. locally, mid to upper 80s. westminster only 83. normal high is 87 so they're very close to where we should be in the end of the july. got a west, southwest wind. tomorrow pretty much the same but it's going to
4:24 pm
start turning more to the northwest. late in the day a front will come through the area and we will start drying out on wednesday. the midwest has really -- and the great plains have been hot. kansas city 102 now, 95 chicago, 97 detroit. tomorrow the low 90s, depending on the cloud cover. boston only at 84. this front to the north has left drier air with the theft of shower activity tomorrow. most of it may pass to our south. behind it there is a cooler and drier air mass. drier air moving in late tomorrow night. on wednesday a nice drier summer day. northwest wienldz in the bay get -- winds in the bay getting to about 10 knots in the afternoon. 72 tomorrow tovent.
4:25 pm
-- 72 tonight. tomorrow the low to mid 90s. we'll call it hot but it will drop again on wednesday and be nice. >> sound good. thank you. -- sounds good. thank you. don't miss tonight's cbs line up. at 10:00 hawaii 5-0 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. more ahead. zeroing in on a suspect, the latest on the suicide bombing. >> missing for 10 days. why ie iowa police believe two young cousins are still alive. that story. sglsh-- is that sorry coming up. >> what people who,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:28, 88 degrees and mostly cloudy. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> here's what people are talking about. >> the nation continues to reel in the wake of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. today the day suspect makes his first appearance in court. kai is in the news room with more. >> reporter: today we get our latest look out the suspected gunman. holmes sat with little emotion during today's court appearance. as you can see, his hair is orange and he's unshaven. at one point he closes his eyes when the judge explains he was being investigated in the murders of 1 people and the injury -- of 12 people and the injuries of 58. moments ago the attorney for james holmes family released this statement. >> the family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their families. the holmes family would like to maintain their privacy. so at this time we will not be discussing james or his relationship to the family.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: a pregnant woman who es scaped the attack -- who escaped the attack uninjured gave birth and her husband remains in critical condition. >> holmes is expected to be officially charged next monday. >> we're learning more about james holmes as people who know him are stepping forward. more on what family and friend are saying. >> at the loout rent church members wrote prayer sunday for the holmes family and the shooting victims in dro columbia. the -- in colorado. the pass tor has known him for 10 years. >> it's object suburb and out of character from my understanding of this young man. he had goals. >> the 24-year-old seemed to have few connections with people. one person lives in the apartment building next to where holmes lived. >> we see everybody's faces. >> be
4:31 pm
-- but you never saw his face? >> never once saw his face. >> hol mes didn't leave much of a footprint online. no facebook or twitter account, no warnings on what was coming. a resume on monster suggest high intelligent al functioning. she was a camp counsellor provider a positive roll model for kids. another online posting paints a much different picture. that's him with died red hair on the adult friend finder a few weeks before the massacre saying he's looking for a casual sex gal and asking will you visit me in prison. >> holmes is refusing to cooperate with police. an undate on another big story today. major substantiations for penn state university. the ncaa fines the university today $60 million for the jerry sandusky sex abuse
4:32 pm
case. that's about what the football team makes in a year. scholarships are being cut and all the teams victories from 1998 to 2011 are being erased from the history books. they cannot play in bowl games for 4 years. joe paterno's family say the sanctions defame the legacy made by paterno. jury selection is underway in drew peterson's murder trial. the police officer is charged with the 2004 killing of his third wife. he's a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife. an appellant court ruled prosecutors can introduce statements that the victims released to family members. police say they believe the
4:33 pm
two missing i didn't -- girls in iowa were not abducted. >> investigators searching for two cousins want to interview a person paddle boating on the lake where the girls disappeared. >> robin arnold adds her personal message. sdlsz >> we will all can't to pray, pray, pray. >> the words of faith dedicated to e elizabeth collins and lyric cook. the two disappeared 10 days ago now, their bikes found abandoned on the bank of myers lake. at the daily press briefing investigators urge people to come forward with information. >> if you were at myers lake friday, july 13th before 3rd or if you know of or talked to anyone at myers lake for any reason, please contact local law enforcement. >> sunday police were back on
4:34 pm
the ground talking to people who live near the lake. authorities said they have reason to believe the two girls are still alive but not saying what that reason is. >> any specifics of the case, it could impede the investigation. >> a few homeowners say police sefrmed their home and questioned them. back to you. >> today the mother of one of the missing girls is being given a seblgd lie te tech to test -- second lie te tech to tests. mary is in the room for what you can pay for the remainder of the summer. >> it appears the declining gas prices we've been enjoying are over. in may and june gas prices dropped on average 58 cents a gallon but have gone up 12 cents. experts say that they will continue to rise through the fall. right now a gallon of
4:35 pm
regular will cost $3.37. the price increase is lickly due to concerns over supplies in the middle east. >> to find the best gas prices in your area log onto it's a sticky monday afternoon outside, clouds have dominated the sky. wmdz has weather and -- wjz has wetder and traffic -- has weather and traffic together. >> the clouds have kept temperatures down a little bit. there are some showers to the north of us, not a whole lot going on around here. just across the northern border there will of baltimore county and heart found county there are some showers moving in that direction. you folks extreme northern battle more and harper may feel some showers -- they're moving in the direction to the southeast. these are not heavy showers. the heaviest activelyactivity
4:36 pm
-- activeity is near the north. even though we've had above normal rainfall in the month of july, which is a good thing, some areas are up to normal for the month. -- actually above normal for the month and even for the year. our official reporting station still at bwi marshall. the deficit has come down. it was almost 9 inches a couple days ago. it's down to just under 7. we have a chance of picking up more widely scattered showers forthe reminder of -- for the reminder mind -- for the remainder of the week. things just continue to slow down out there on the west side of the inner loop traffic does slow down as you approach over towards security boulevard. after that things pick back up to the regular speed. northbound 95 stop and go there beginning at 395. plenty of accidents out there. in court -- we
4:37 pm
have north monroe at west franklin, glenns falls at dennis son and north rogers at liberty heights. keep in mind things can be tricky because of that water main break. things appear to be heavy on the beltway just north of security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. eat fresh. become over to you. >> thank you . the olympic games start this week and sponsors are being paid money to be a pat of the games. that's led to a crack down on use of symbols and phrases by smaller businesses. >> competition hasn't each started but sponsors are already battling for gold. some are paying as much as $100 billion. -- million. >> they want something in return. >> like the right to shut down
4:38 pm
the competition. only visa cards are accepted at cash machines. mcdonald has the exclusive on french fries. >> this is the oh oh bim picks. >> -- ohlympics. >> if you're wearing a nonsponsored brand you might be turned away. >> british lawmakers prohibited using people from making things. >> the owner of the shop chains to local turned the circles into squares and misspelled the world. >> it's a big thing for everybody in the country, not to make sure you unitize the symbols. >> if you want to stick five donuts in your window and all them the olympic rings be my
4:39 pm
guest. >> the grand police are already taking -- the brand police are already taking out action against sponsors who vice president paid the money. >> the opening ceremony will take place friday. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, can science stop the out break of hiv. >> a truck carrying people over turns in texas. >> it's a humid around and the gun is finally out. stick around for bob's updated first warning weather coming right up.
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shattered glass are all that's left after a pipeline ruptured in texas. it sent flames 100 feet in the air. residents are just now returning to their homes after being evacuated. lightening struck a control valve causing it to
4:43 pm
ignite. cis says 24-year-old casey james is caused with two counts of arson aboard the uss miami. estimates put the damage at $400 million. no motive has been released. investigators are working to identify the suicide bomber responsible for a deadly bus explosion. andrea is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: investigators are analyzing video from the bus station. from that experts put a skrech together of the -- skach -- sketch together of the person. investigators are asking surrounding hotels for their video as well. >> thank you. police are still trying to confirm if the man
4:44 pm
acted alone. a horrible one vehicle accident kills 14 people. the victims with believed to be undocumented immigrants. >> these pictures only convey oh some of the kas chaos. the soupuper duty f-250 left the roadway about 100 miles southeast of san antonio sunday evening. the results deadly. 11 people were killed at the scene, 6 were found dead inside of the truck, five were found dead outside of the vehicle. medical helicopters and ambulances took 11 victims to hospitals in corpus christi, victoria and san antonio. two victims died at the hospital bringing the total number dead to 13. two little girls are among the deceased. the womens are men, women and
4:45 pm
children unidentified. it's believed they are undocumented immigrants. no one was sure where they were going on why this happened. investigators say there are witnesses to the crash. the drooir of -- driver of the vehicle is still alive. it's unclear if he will face criminal charges. >> border patrol is assist being the invest. no word on -- with the investigation. no word on what caused the driver to veer off the road. the you drive a ram pick up truck or jeep, listen up. the national highway safety traffic administration is looking into safety problems with the vehicles. in rams drivers reported the rear wheels locking up. in the 2012 grand cheroke could have fires. more than 20,000 people are in washington dc for the world's largest aids afternoons. this is the first -- aids concern.
4:46 pm
this is the first time it's back in the u.s.. some well known names spoke today. >> chris bland is one of more than 20,000 people in washington dc for this year's international aids conference. the 48-year-old has been battling hiv for 28 years. >> i was 21 years old, in graduate school and didn't think i would live to be 25. >> he's optimistic the world may be returning the corner. >> people have options beyond condoms that can end this epidemic. >> world leaders are excited about new research. people who receive drug treatment for hiv are not passing the virus to others. >> the united states is complited and will remain -- is committed and will remain committed to achieving an aids free generation. >> the international aids conference hasn't been held in this country in more than 20 years. the u.s. has still shown a commitment to fighting the worldwide epidemic.
4:47 pm
in 2002 the u.s. pledged more than $15 billion for prevention and treatment of hiv. nearly $1 billion more from private organizations. bill gates said there's still a long way to go. >> only by having a number of these new tools and vaccines, we talk about moving towards the end. >> until that day comes, bland plans to be a counsellor for others like him living with hiv. in washington, danielle nottingham. >> the aids epidemic is worst in developing countries. in the u.s. nearly 1.2 million people live with hiv. . a former profiler looked at the accused gunman in the colorado movie massacre and a villain. >> the accused killer shows his
4:48 pm
face in court today. we're taking a look at the troubles of the former grad student. >> is holmes on suicide watch? fbi profiler says holmes has most likely been put in solitary confinement. >> as a precaution they put many people in high profile cases initially on suicide watch. that can mean a number of things. that may mean isolation. isolation there is somebody monitoring you 24 hours a day. >> hole. hole. s told -- holmes told police he was the joker. >> the joker is a guy who basically is a psychopath, who enjoying killing people, as many as possible. clearly that's what james did. >> how did holmes purchase the firearms? part of the investigation is to uncover the money trail. >> image -- i think he had 3 to
4:49 pm
$4,000 worth of ammo. not a lot of money but clearly to a graduate student that may be a lot of money. >> also tonight inside the funeral for sill vest ter stalone's son sage. is michael jack on cease -- jackson's mother missing. we'll have that littest on entertainment tonight. a huge air force ship is back where it belongs after landing at the wrong airport. it landed where the runway is only 3,400 foot. the people who eyewitnessed said the pilot stopped just 10 feet short of the end of the run way. >> whoop s. >> i don't think the airport accepts whoop es.
4:50 pm
accepts whoop es. bob turk,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
it's very humid. the temperatures are actually very close to average. we have some shower activity just to the north and northeast of our region. across southern york and lancaster county there's a batch of showers moving across that region into hartford and cecil county. nothing is heavy but you folks between maryland line and port deposit will see those showers right now and it's moving towards chesapeake city and elkin and earl. around here 88, very normal for this time of year. 70 dew point is high. humidity is up to 55%. west winds at 10, barometer holding steady. 90 elkin. with those showers you're going to drop quickly. 72 oakland, 84
4:54 pm
cumberland. locally, mid 80s. bel air is going to drop with this shower activity close to you as well. generally, slightly above average, our normal high now 8 7. so far i've seen a high of 90 at the airport. tomorrow winds will turn more to the northwest. tomorrow afternoon a chance of more thunderstorm activity. a lot of it tomorrow is going to pass to our south again. it will begin to dry out. lower humidity air coming in our next on wednesday. hot air to the west. they've had an incredibly hot and dry summer. right now kansas city still at 102, detroit 97. tomorrow i think we'll see low to mid 90s but have that risk of showers as a front approaches to give us some clouds and a risk solve scattered showers. behind it a cooler drier air mass coming in. for wednesday, it looks nice for
4:55 pm
the middle of the week and we'll starting up again and more humidity be i the end of the week. there's more -- by the end of the week. there's more skaerted showers. looks like a nice summer day wednesday. on the bad tomorrow winds around 10, the bay temperature around 80. maybe a scattered shower. you can probably change that to a widely scattered shower. p -- 72 tomorrow. 94 -- 72 tonight. 94 tomorrow. still to come, mass murder in colorado. >> the man accused of the worst >> the man accused of the worst mass shooting in u.s.,,,,,,,,,,,
4:56 pm
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coming up next. unthink í able act of terror. the new information on the plot. >> penn state punishment, major penalties for the university and for the jerry sandusky sex abuse cover up. what happened to the football program. >> gruesome discovery, a body by found in an apartment. what police are saying about the victim. >> check in for the stories and all the latest news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. face of a killer. the accused colorado mass murder faces the judge. >> what happened in court and the latest on the investigation.
4:59 pm
i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. >> look ing dazed and at times disinterested, james holmes faces a judge for the first time. wjz is live in aurora, colorado where the mass shouting has taken -- shouting has taken police. a lot of the attention has focused on holmes family. they have spoken to his mother but the family has asked for their privacy trying to get some sense of what happened. wjz has more from colorado. here is ter teresa garcia. >> reporter: the judge made a very rare move today by allowing a camera to broadcast live from the courtroom. this gave us a first look at the man accused of killing 12 people friday watching the new bat man movie. >> james holmes had brightly died hair and appeared to be dazed. >> you have a right

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